Geosteady - Finally (Official Video)


Put your like and write your comments, if you liked this video! Instagram: ► 0: 40 Number 1: Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas - In February 1990, Mike Tyson came to Japan to hold another defense of his titles against James “Buster” Douglas, who at that time was considered no more than a decent boxer of the second echelon. Very few people doubted Tyson's victory. The stakes on this battle were 45 to 1 in favor of Tyson. However, on February 11th, 1990, thousands of spectators who crowded the Tokyo Dome hall and the millions who watched this fight in live broadcast, witnessed the most sensational event in the history of boxing. The hopeless outsider Douglas fought like never before in his life. 5: 04 Number 2: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz - Mayweather's return to the ring after almost a year and a half of waiting has been anticipated by many. And although this bout which has ended in an ambiguous defeat of Ortiz has got "only" 1 million 250 thousand pay-per-views, its revenue of $ 78. 44 million was the second largest for the entire time of the existence of paid broadcasts of boxing matches. 9: 45 Number 3: Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns - The battle of "Sugar" Leonard and "The Killer" Hearns was recognized by experts as the best for the whole year. There was no clear leader. Boxers alternately forced bookmakers to tear their hair. In the 13th round, Ray Leonard entirely knocked out of his opponent the desire to continue the fight. By that time, Hearns was a distinct leader on the points and was already preparing himself to try on the crown of the winner. But, as they say, "Killer" proposes "Sugar" - disposes. SEE MORE▼ ► Mike Tyson - Amazing Power - ► Manny Pacquiao - All Losses of the Legend - ► Vasyl Lomachenko - The Way of the Champion - #Boxing #MikeTyson #FloydMayweather.

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NDIWAMULULU LYRICS intro A Geosteady Blackman again ooh! Owaaa. Ndiwamululu Oya Owa yeeeeee. Ayayaaa Wrakle ayayaya Ayayaya mu Avie ayaya Verse 1 Nkulembera*2 ng'akayanzi kutaka nkulembera *2 ng'atamanyi gyendaga kuba nze amaaso g'ontunulizza ganerabiza bali gyenasokera ebilooto byesiiba nfuna, oli omu nz'eyananagiza Bridge*2 Ama kinawo nawo Owaye Maama kinawo nawo owaye Chorus Love gy'ompa sikuta - Ndiwamululu omukwano gwo nze gwanzita Laba guyika nga nkuba mwana muwala*2 eeeeh yah Ovuga kagali nze mukyenda oteesa verse mu kemba bw'ogenda oba okubye enyonta Mwana muwala onsanga nfudde eeeh Verse 2 So interesting* 2 to have a woman just like u, your ma fantasy ma love and everything njagala kuba just with you yona asogola lumonde yamanyi byendya night and day yoono anfuyira ku ng'ombe amukwata ko mukuba bikonde. gwe! Bridge*2 Chorus Music Verse 3 *2 My love*3 Ago amaaso g'ontunuliza bagambe nti eno twamala tuli babiri tewali kutambula ebire ewaffe gyebyasuula Bridge*2 Chorus Ndiwamululu*4 the end Follow me on Instagram - geosteadyofficial Twitter - geosteadyoffici facebook - Geosteady.

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