North East Africa: The Hidden Truth - Full UnCut Documentary

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In the North of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one finds a church that was built in 434 AD. This church was the first of about 120 other churches built in the Tigray region. Its curved entirely from a rock and not a single stone block was used. The church is the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant which is known to be sacred. Whatever is in the Ark is only known to the priests and no one even the president knows or has the authority to check. Hence the big question is, what is in this preserved Ark? We find out from the keepers of the Ark.

Support further research and documentaries donate here to watch documentaries visit This documentary aims to set the record straight regarding the validation, historical truth and relevence of the scriptures in today's global society. This is achieved by clarifying the misconceptions pertaining to who the true Israelites are, by way of decoding and piecing together Ancient Prophecies; expounding upon the trans alantic slave trade; Examining the relation between the law and the prophets; giving a clearer perspective on the role of the Gentiles past, present and future and The Redemption of the seed of Jacob. visit stephengraham. net.

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