Indians want to become a Ugandan tribe

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Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Uganda on a two-day state visit. Modi is on a five-day tour to Africa. He is to visit Uganda and South Africa. In Uganda, Modi will undertake engagements from today to tomorrow. The visit will mark the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the country in over 20 years. Finally, he will visit South Africa from tomorrow to Thursday to attend the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit. Modi will tomorrow deliver a keynote address at Parliament, a first by an Indian Prime Minister. Modi is also expected to address about 10, 000 members of the Indian community at Kololo in Kampala today. Modi will also present three cancer units, including a mobile one, to the Uganda Cancer Institute during his visit.

How one family fled persecution in Uganda and helped change British culture. The story of the Bristol Sweet Mart. New Vision TV revisits Milton Obote's last day as the president of Uganda through the eyes of his former bodyguard. The body guard, who was a member of the elite inner security under the Presidential Escort Services, preferred to remain anonymous because he is now a public servant. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow us on links below: Uganda Ekkula 13102018 Presenter; Herman Kalanzi. This piece first broadcast on 16 Oct 2012. Televised on UK's regional television ITV1 Central. Programme (Program) - Central Tonight. Haji Naduli alagudde Museveni bwatava ku Bobi Wine ekidirira atewuunya. Story of Godday, a businessman who manufactures surgical equipment in India. Godday used to work as a nurse in Nigeria, where he noticed that most doctors used products that were made in India. Realising the scope in this field, he came to India to establish his business and in the process laid the foundation of more than a successful business- he got married to Ritika from Punjab who is now also his business partner.

Subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to catch more Entertaining Videos. Like, Share and comment on videos as well. Walking through Kampala city in Uganda and talking to a few people about what their New Years resolutions are. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and follow us on links below Kanayokyaani 07102018 Presenter; Judith Namulema. On Thursday last week, a City tycoon Hajji Abdu Kasayireportedly demolished a building that is said to be owned by the Indian Women Association in Uganda. This compelled the Indian community to seek government intervention arguing they were illegally displaced. But since Friday, the Indians had camped at the site to prevent more demolition of their property. Their stay at the site on Monday angered and compelled the City tycoon to storm the conflicting site to have them vacate his premises. According to the Indian Community, the land in conflict is owned by the Indian Women Association in Uganda since 1956. But City tycoon Hajji Abdu Kasayi says he acquired plot 14, Nakaserolegally and accuses the Indian community for masquerading as their land title indicates their ownership is on plot 24 not plot 14. The misunderstandings compelled the DPC Kampala Central Police Station Aaron Bagumato intervene and take over the security of the site until the conflicting groups reach a consensus on the ownership of the land.

(9 Aug 1972) Ugandan President, Idi Amin holds luncheon with Indian, Asian and British government officials before he tells them, he means what he says about all Asians are to leave Uganda You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive.

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