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Amooti OMubalanguzi Introduces lover. Mariachi is back at Comedy files stage and this time he has come to advise men on how to deal with women who just think of consuming what a man has. You can't stop laughing when this dude opens his mouth. Watch and fall in love Remember to subscribe and get in touch with us on whatsapp +256 794250140. Amooti omubalanguzi with his new amarula production performs at Theatre La'bonita during comedy pilipili. Talks about what he saw in heaven when he went int coma. Patrick Salvador on Churchill Show Kenya visit for more videos. Love Yo Musirikale Endobeso Mukunja New Ugandan Comedy 2015. Mendo also Herbert Ssegujja is a Talented Comedy Impressionist, High School Teacher, Standup creative Director and Actor with Fun-factory Comedy Company. What? U have not Subscribed yet? Eh nga you are a RISK -TAKER! NOW NEW CLIPS EVERY WEEK! pls also like me on facebook.

Uganda Stand_Up Comedy. Subscribe NOW to Churchill Show to watch the latest videos: Connect with us on - FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM. MC Mariachi alwanidde mu comedy night - emizimu gimulumbye ku siteegi. Please watch: "ABAFERE BEYONGEDDE MU KAMPALA, BAKOLA MISANA NA KIRO. MAULANA & REIGN, COMEDY FILES LIVE 2018" -~- Innocent Kafeero has just started a new journey with comedyfilesUg. Mimicking a political figure "Tamale Mirundi" has made him one of the most yearned for funny men in Uganda today. Watch this video and share with someone else. Subscribe to this channel and our new channel Comedy Files network. Stand up Comic Mariachi leaves the audience hungry for more humor during the Weekly Comedy Files Live show @ Theatre Labonita in Kampala. He shares the advantages and disadvantages of having a romantic relationship with a model If you havent subscribed, take this opportunity to do so and wait for more videos. Let us know what you think about our work via whatsapp on +256 794 250140.

Enkwana Empya Amooti Amarula Family New Ugandan Comedy. AMOOTI & EDDY KIGERE JOKES ON BAGANDA vs BATOORO CHARACTERS - Who is KATAALA? - Comedy (Swalz). The early days of School in Uganda, the community punished children collectively. Today you don't mess with someone's child! Pablo tells a series of events that happened in his school life as an adolescent. Subscribe to u. SPOTLIGHT MOMENT. Uganda Stand_Up Comedy. Uganda Vision (UV) - Kings of Comedy - Segujja Herbert as Member Museveni Executive Producer: Anthony Kadama (ambtv Productions - Richard Cunningham). As part of the events to usher in 2016, Ugandan comedian Patrick Idringi alias Salvado(man from Ombokolo), staged a one man comedy show in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali on 16th January 2016. The comedian, who last performed in Kigali in 2013 alongside other comedians at the Kings of Comedy, indeed won many comedy lover’s hearts. During the show held at Hotel Villa Portofino in Nyarutarama, Salvado currently one of East Africa’s top stand up comedians took his audience through a sail of humor right from Ombokolo his hometown, through Uganda, Africa, his sojourns around the world. He started off in his usual style of mimicking singers’ performances, which was entertaining as he showcased his rapping skills. His jokes were classified into his usual four groups: toilet jokes, sex jokes, Ombokolo jokes and tribal jokes. This Video takes you through the rib-cracking show. Enjoy and remember to Subscribe to our You Tube channel. Editing: Richard Kwizera Camera: Richard Kwizera & Sesonga Junior D Executive Producer: Kigali Today Ltd.

Please watch: "ABAFERE BEYONGEDDE MU KAMPALA, BAKOLA MISANA NA KIRO. MAULANA & REIGN, COMEDY FILES LIVE 2018" -~- Why haven't you subscribed yet. Subscribe here and get weekly videos from Uganda Subscribe now. One of the best silent stage comedians Uganda has today describes the emotions people who watch movies go through, from love stories, adventures, action packed and Horror movies. So talented and Funny Watch and discover this amazingly talented brother in Uganda today, performing at The Comedy Files platform. Let us know what you think about our work through whatsapp on +256 794 250140 Remember to tell your friends about our channel, share and did i forget! No! Subscribe for more videos.

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