Doing Business In Africa - Uganda Part 3 - Kampala Property Market


Watch Africas first and only pan-African real-time financial and business network live online. The last three and a half years of KCCA have brought a series of changes that are impacting Kampala City. These have improved the physical conditions in the city and also brought hope and higher expectations in Ugandans. In 2014, we reaffirmed our commitment to transforming Kampala into a vibrant, attractive and sustainable city; that will bring pride to us as residents, pleasure to our guests and unwavering hope to the future generation. Uganda's Top Entrepreneurs Patrick Bitature, Sudhir Ruparelia, Sylvia Owori and Robert Ahimbisibwe telling their story about how to successfully run profitable business at The 360 Network- Ask the Entrepreneur Forum and Cocktail on 2 June 2011, Garden City Rooftop, Kampala. Moderated by Arinaitwe Rugyendo.

Experience the New Africa and all her beauty with Folustorms as she embarks on a tour of African countries to explore art, music and culture. On this episode, we are in Kampala, Uganda; enjoy! Subscribe to the NdaniTV youtube channel here: Visit the NdaniTV youtube channel for more videos: Connect with NdaniTV online: Visit our website Ndani. TV: Follow NdaniTV on Facebook: Follow NdaniTV on Google+: Follow NdaniTV on twitter: Follow NdaniTV on instagram: Follow NdaniTV on Tumblr. A city built on seven hills, Kampala, the capital of Uganda offers an exciting cultural experience for many foreign visitors. Rated by the UN as a country with the happiest people in East Africa, many foreigners find it easy to stay and live comfortably within the city. Michael Baleke reports.

In the last 20 years Uganda's economy has grown by an estimated seven percent year on year. Al Jazeera's Malcom Webb reports from Kampala. In the early 20th century, Britains World War II Prime Minister, Winston Churchill paid a visit to Uganda and he was so overcome by its natural beauty and resources and that he dubbed the country the pearl of Africa. Today, in Uganda youll find that statement is STILL true. The country has some of the worlds richest mineral and agricultural resources. Our mission is to scout Uganda to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities that Uganda has to offer. Visit our website: Our blogs: Our blogs: Our blogs: We're your eyes and ears on the ground, working to get you in early for the best possible deal. often at prices you thought were consigned to the history books. Our name is new, but we're definitely not the new kids on the block. As a Spectrum property friend, you can benefit from our on the ground research, our legwork. And because our research keeps you one step ahead of the mainstream, we'll bring you not just affordable real estate - but also exceptional opportunities where you can make a lot of money. I look for trends that will drive real estate values. Trends like an emerging middle class, infrastructure development, the momentum event of foreign investment, and other special situations that create opportunity.

There are a few words that can accurately describe Uganda: resilient; entrepreneurial; friendly. In this land of plenty, there is always an opportunity behind every corner. Just ask Michael Kijambu, founder and owner of 1000 cups of coffee. Tired of seeing his countrys delicious coffee being exported overseas, and of course being a coffee addict himself, he was determined to help foster a local demand for coffee.

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