Alex Muhangi Comedy Store Oct 2018 - Mc Mariachi & Ssenga Nantume

Alex Muhangi Comedian

Uganda Comedy. Uganda Comedy. Uganda Comedy. Abantu bangi bamuwerekedde n'asiima. Don't forget to subscribe by following this link For more news visit: Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page: Agataliiko nfuufu 24. 11. 2017 Nakabago Reporter: Abu Batuusa. #NTVNews #Akawungeezi For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page. The Ebonies is East Africa's leading Stage and TV Drama, Music group based in Kampala Uganda. the Producers of popular (English - Luganda ) drama shows like: That's Life Mwattu showing on Africa Magic, Bibawo, OMG-Kino kitalo on Bukedde TV, Life Kyeki? on NBS TV among others. *with Live drama shows every weekend and a Music show every Tuesday at Theatre Labonita Kampala Uganda. *With international Performances at the annual UNAA Convention in the United States, London and Dubai *Subscribe to our Channel to catch up with what The Ebonies do best, their latest New Videos, show trailers, Music Videos, drama, Movies, Funny Comedy Videos, How to Videos, Live broadcasts, built around strong contemporary Life stories like Love, sex, Money among others. also Featuring collaborative acts from renown Ugandan Comedians like: Comedy Files, Alex Muhangi, Patrick Salvado, Anne Kansiime, Amooti Omubalanguzi, Mc Mariachi, Kapale, Teacher Mpamire, Katusekemu as well as celebrated Musicians in Uganda like: Bobi Wine, Chameleon, Radio & Weasle, Iryn Ntale, Winnie Nwagi, Rema, Apass, Cindy Sanyu, king saha, Juliana Kanyomozi among others.

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Don't Just Watch and Go, For more exciting Videos, Click the Subscribe Button. TAMALE MIRUNDI IMITATES BOBI WINE IN THE COMEDY NIGHT. #tamalemirundi2018 comedy night with Dr T-Amale Mirundi about Bobi wine. Uganda Comedy. Uganda Comedy. Uganda Comedy. Uganda Stand_Up Comedy. Wedding bells for stand-up comedian MC Mariachi! Mariachi has officially met his lover, Mirembe Lydia’s parents. This was during an introduction ceremony held at Mirembe’s parent’s home in Kiyunga, Kamuli District on Thursday. Mariachi was accompanied by several celebrities including fellow comedians and musicians who included Alex Muhangi, Madrat & Chiko, Cindy Sanyu and Patriko Mujuuka among others. We gather the couple is now set to start preparing for their wedding which will take place sometime next year. Here are Ful video.

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