How Tanzania is winning the East African major Infrastructure Projects

Sammy Awami

The World Bank has praised the African country Tanzania’s fiscal growth, calling it one of the continent’s bright spots. From Tanzania, Adeola brings you the accomplishments of the newly elected President, Dr. John Magufuli, also known as the bulldozer. It could cost up to about one-billion rand to fix the South African Revenue Service's IT infrastructure. This follows the halt to the SARS modernisation programme abruptly in 2014. This after suspended commissioner Tom Moyane took over. To clarify this matter, I'm joined from our Pretoria studios by SARS Chief Officer for Digital and IT Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane. For more news, visit: sabcnews.

Subscribe to us on Youtube: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Weibo. Russia and China have announced plans to build a new high-speed railway line from Moscow to Kazan. According to proposals, passengers will be able to travel some 800 kilometres in just three and a half hours. They will be Nairobi's and perhaps some of the regions tallest buildings. We are talking about the ongoing construction of 14 megastructures which dot the city skyline with the tallest so far being the 33-storey UAP towers which stands at a height of 535 feet high. Our reporter Yussuf Ibrahim takes a look at some of the upcoming megastructures in the city and their unique Features. Take a look.

For more information log on to. In recent decades, American productivity growth has slowed. Yale University's Jacob Hacker has a possible explanation: the country’s outdated and deteriorating infrastructure. Hacker, co-author of “American Amnesia, ” argues the U. S. has forgotten the role government plays in engineering prosperity, and that public investment got us where we are today. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports. Africa’s future is promising, but progress must be accelerated. How can this be achieved? Tanzania’s government has started relocating its capital from the port city of Dar es Salaam to Dodoma. The move aims to centralise government ministries after being scattered since the country gained independence more than 50 years ago. But as Al Jazeera's Fahmida Miller reports, the project is not without its challenges. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website.

East Africa Community leaders will hold a make or break meeting later this month expected to decide the final route where an oil pipeline from Uganda should take. The 13th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit takes place in Kampala on April 23rd as Kenya pulls all stops to have Uganda reverse a deal with Tanzania. In the meantime, Tanzania stands to lose out on thousands of jobs and huge sums of foreign investment if it misses the deal, though the country remains very hopeful. Here are 10 mega-construction projects on track to open soon. Many developers, engineers, and architects have grand ideas, but actually pulling off breathtakingly enormous endeavors is something relatively few accomplish. Here are 10 mega-construction projects on track to open soon. Number 10. Beijing Daxing International Airport, China. Despite delays, estimates still place the initial completion stage of what will become the world’s largest airport within this decade. Once fully up an operational, the facility is anticipated to handle roughly 100 million passengers per year. Number 9. Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Among the many challenges in erecting epic buildings is securing the required funds, but this mixed-used development has finally surmounted that obstacle. Completion is currently slated for 2020, at which time the Kingdom Tower will likely be named the world’s tallest building. Number 8. Chernobyl Arch, Ukraine. The 32, 000-ton, multi-billion dollar steel structure is intended to keep lingering radioactivity from the 1986 meltdown contained so clean up can move forward. Once installed, likely in 2017, it will remain in use for at least 100 years. Number 7. Hotel Abraj Kudai, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the hotel’s doors open in 2017, the massive hospitality venue will boast the most rooms in the world. The 10, 000 spaces it has available far outnumber the roughly 6, 000 offered by the current record holder, The MGM Grand Hotel of Las Vegas. Number 6. Crossrail Project, London, England. Not only is work progressing at a steady pace, it’s happening in the midst of one of the world’s most populated and bustling cities. The first station was finished in September of 2015 and is expected to start welcoming passengers in 2018. Number 5. Los Angeles Stadium, Inglewood, California. The Rams are officially returning to Los Angeles, and plans to build the team a fancy NFL-worthy stadium are underway. Making the 300-acre arena fan and team-ready is expected to take about 3 years and $2. 1 billion. Number 4. Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland. Boring a 35-mile hole in the base of the Swiss Alps is no small undertaking, but persistence has paid off. The tunnel, which will offer quick passage through the mountains, has arranged a grand opening celebration for June of 2016. Number 3. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Walkway, China. For some, walking across a bridge roughly 1000 feet above solid ground isn’t quite terrifying enough. That group will no doubt be cheering come May of 2016, when this glass-bottomed, 1200-foot long pedestrian passageway – the most elevated and lengthy on the planet - opens. Number 2. Shanghai Disney Resort, China. Disney creates magic, but it doesn’t happen overnight. After about 7 years of planning and building, the company’s latest theme park will open on June 16th. The expansive grounds include rides, attractions, characters, and entertainment. Right next door is an entire Disney-themed town. Number 1. World One, Mumbai, India. Among the tallest buildings currently in the works, the entirely residential tower should be ready in 2017. In terms of architecture and design, the massive undertaking has been compared to Chicago’s landmark Willis Tower. Which mega-construction project do you find most exciting?

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