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Pallaso Bakulaba ft HamTunes. Pallaso - HANA (Official Video) DIRECTED by Sasha Vybs and Single produced by Doctor Fizo. its a true love song full of so much love and emotions. Pallaso with his golden voice on this one I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Pallaso AND Weasel - AM COMING ( Bad Boy Music hot ugandan music videos, music videos ugandan artists, new ugandan music videos on youtube, top ten ugandan music videos, uganda music video eddy kenzo, ugandan local music videos, ugandan music videos 2017 latest, ugandan music videos bebe cool, ugandan music videos chameleon, ugandan music videos david lutalo, ugandan music videos new, ugandan music videos on youtube, videos of ugandan music, youtube new ugandan music videos, weasel, pallaso, radio and weasel, good life, goodlyfe, good lyfe.

Greetings fellow Ugandans and the world over, The past week has been a tough one, particularly for the family, supporters and fans of our fellow artiste-cum-politician, Bobi Wine. My hearts goes out to his wife and children and I ask that you remain strong and keep the faith. As artistes, our music is our strongest weapon. Through music, we are able to share our inner most thoughts, reach out to the fans, and also get any message across to our leaders and those in authority. And the latter was the core reason I penned the track, “Free Bobi Wine. ” And while we keep you in our prayers and thoughts my brother, I would like to dedicate this song to you. I hope that this track, alongside all the pleas from my fellow Ugandans and the world over can get the message across to our leaders and everyone concerned. As a nation, our most prized possession is peace and stability. And once that begins to get threatened, it is only right that the masses will react with the first insist that comes to mind. Regardless of whether he is in wrong or not, I believe that Bobi Wine has the constitutional right to fair justice, something that he doesn’t seem to be receiving. I hope that this song can give all Ugandans the ray of hope and faith that we have until this point held in the release of Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi. He has an obligation to his family, his constituency, fans, and all these cannot be met, unless he is released and given his right to freedom back! The track, "Free Bobi Wine", was written by Pallaso and produced by Eddy Dee.

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