LIVE WIRE. The widows of slain Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s driver, Yasin Kawuma have clashed with their father-in-law over President Museveni’s Shs 20m that they had initially rejected. An argument started after singer Catherine Kusasira put the money on table with one of Kavuma’s wives, a mother of three, Annet Nansubuga, claiming that their father in law, Mr Salamat Ssebabi could not be trusted with the money. Her emotions had been triggered by a statement from Mr Sebabi that beneficiaries of the money would only be those whose children would have been proved by a DNA test. At this moment, Nansubuga jumped off her seat screaming and rolled to the ground as she said money had been put to waste if it was retained by Mr Ssebabi. “I have never seen that man (Ssebabi) in eight years I have been with late Kavuma. He is a rich man but he does not care for us. I and my children have been starved of food since the death of my husband, ” Nansubuga said as Mr. Ssebabi held the money firmly. After a lot of thought, he pulled a bundle of Shs 2m and handed it to Nansubuga warning her never to appear before him even in times of trouble. Mr ssebabi had suggested that they construct rental houses which would generate sustainable income to cater for the basic needs of the orphans and their mothers. His view had been supported by one of the widows, Ms Alice Mwesigwa, who said that she has three of Kawuma’s children with the youngest being 14 and the eldest 19. “Sharing that money here will not only deprives the rest of the wives who are not here but also will jeopardise the proposed project, ” Ms Mwesigwa said. But other wives present – Beatrice Nakigudde and Florence Nakibuule – disapproved and eventually Mr. Ssebabi pulled out another Shs6m sharing equally among every lady. Three other unidentified women were also said to have not been informed about the meeting so were not present.

Apparently, Bryan White had been a project established by President Museveni mainly to counter Bobi Wine by winning youths away from him. All of the money he has been using has been coming from Jajja. However, realising the project wasn't yielding any result since the public had got to know mission which made his work difficult, the project has been disbanded. Actually he was disbanded shortly after the Arua elections that was won by a landslide by Kassiano Wadri. It ought to be remembered that days to the election, Bryan White had camped in Arua for weeks. "Had Mzee gotten someone already known and has some money, it perhaps would have worked but how do you bring a person like Bryan White who doesn't even look a million and expect the public to believe him? " Nonetheless, he has now been replaced by musicians. According to our source, the funds will now be channeled to singer Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira.

21 Imetazamwa mara