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A heroic but volatile war veteran works as a Specialist Protection Officer for London's Metropolitan Police Service. When he is assigned to protect the ambitious and powerful home secretary, he finds himself torn between his duty and his beliefs. Check, out and know your LUCIFER cast before the season four comes to us this August. If you liked the video, go a head like and comment. If you haven't subscribe, go do so, turn on the notifications and all will be good. Upload every Friday, so I totally appreciate your support. Lucifer saved by Netflix. Season 4 said to come this August.

IMO. I just picked a few scenes from LUCIFER season one that I think were really awesome scenes. Even though they were other scenes, I didn't want to make this video long. I always try to keep them to a maxmium of 7mins long. If you liked the video, please go a head, like, comment, and subscribe. Also lemme know (in the comment section) what series I should watch so that I can make these short clips for you guys. After almost a months of the #SaveLucifer and #PickupLucifer campaign. Netflix has come to our rescue, and will be bringing Lucifer season four to our screens so soon. Thanks Netflix, and to all the Lucifer fans out there that pushed and supported the campaign.

I thought I would make a recap of every season of Lucifer, starting with season one of course. From the first time they met to working together and finally falling in love. So if you like the video, like, comment, share, and subscribe if you haven't subscribed. Thanks. Am starting another YouTube Channel for Travel and Photography where I'll do vlogs. Follow the link 👉 goo. gl mMUQU1 to subscribe. Much Appreciate all ya. In this video, I thought I would share more about Ella since "Lucifer and Chole" wasn't that much. Heheheh. So Ella's "GHOST GUARDIAN ANGEL" who turns out to be Lucifer younger sister comes to check on her and it turns out she's her favorite human. Ella was involed in a car accident that almost claimed her life, but in one way or the other she surived. Azrael got attached attracted to her and since then stayed by her side even without her consent. Ella thinks she (Azrael) is a ghost but NOPE Ella, Azrael is an Angel. Anyways, enjoy and please feel free to like, share, comment, and subscribe. Lucifer S03E25: Boo Normal AOB: Please 🙏 subscribe to that link 👉 goo. gl mMUQU1 I will be making travel and photography videos. Thanks.

LUCIFER fans, FOX plans to air two bonus episodes later this month, after it was dropped two weeks ago. The two episodes will the series finale. Hope ya all ready. In case you missed last episode, Follow link. For those that have followed Lucifer from season 1, you know that he (Tom Ellis) has been telling Chole Decker (Lauren German) that he is the DEVIL but she didn't agree until today, Lucifer shows his true identity. I have to say, we should expect season 4. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) finally expresses his feelings to Chloe Decker (Lauren German). And even though he tells her his the DEVIL, to her, she's not. Lucifer S03E23.

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